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Speaking With Your Pediatrician

by a Colorado Mom

I took my eight-year-old daughter to the doctor because she was having some irritation around her vagina. I talked with her ahead of time and said that the doctor may need to look at her vagina. I repeated, as I have in the past, that it’s okay because I’ll be with her and it’s a doctor whose job is to keep her safe and healthy.

So we went into the exam and before she was examined I said to the doctor, “We have been talking about body safety and body safety rules. I have told my daughter that it’s okay for you to examine her because I am here and you are helping to keep her safe and healthy.” The doctor said, “Alright, is it okay if I look at your vagina?” My daughter said “yes.”

It was a short exam, and it looks like she has some irritation because of bubble bath. It was not uncomfortable and I felt like I had the confidence and language to speak up because of the Parenting Safe Children workshop. I think my daughter also felt more comfortable because I was so open and matter of fact, and because of the conversation I had with the doctor where I asserted a body-safety rule.




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  1. Amy Winters Avatar

    Thank you for pointing out that it is safe for a pediatrician to examine female body parts. My daughter has been talking about hurting when she goes potty. I’m glad that there are professionals that can help her.

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