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Frequently Asked Questions

Hand RaisedWe get a lot of questions each day, and we noticed certain patterns; namely, that folks usually ask us the same type of questions.

We want to make sure you get the information you need, we created this document with the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive.

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The Parenting Safe Children workshop is five hours over two weekends, which includes time for questions and discussion. You’ll barely notice the time going by! View our testimonials to see what participants had to say about the workshop.

The Parenting Safe Children workshop is a $59.00 investment in your child’s safety.

Yes. The Parenting Safe Children workshop is a $53.75 per person ($59 as of May 2nd, 2022). Each person is required to purchase their own ticket.

We’re glad you asked! When you purchase a seat at a PSC workshop, you are getting:

  • Three decades of expertise in the prevention of child sexual assault
  • A four-hour professional presentation, including live conversations with Feather about:
    • Raising your child to be “off limits” to sexual assault,
    • What vulnerabilities adult offenders look for in children and families;
    • Clear descriptions of the grooming process adult offenders use with children and their caregivers,
    • Behaviors of concern in children and adults,
    • Language for discussing boundaries and concerns, age-appropriate sexual behavior in children vs. concerning behaviors and how to intervene in both,
    • Helpful ways of responding to a child who discloses sexual assault,
    • Language for body-safety conversations with children and adults,
    • Playing “what if” games with children.
    • Utilizing teachable moments,
    • The importance of teaching consent from an early age,
    • Answering children’s sexual questions – the ones you fear the most

You will also:

  • View several videos of real parents speaking with caregivers about body-safety
  • Practice in groups with other participants starting body-safety conversations with caregivers,
  • Receive take-home materials,
  • Earn a certificate of attendance,
  • Gain a sense of confidence that you can take action to keep your child safe.

All, for less than the cost of a car seat, high-end bike helmet, or swimming lessons!

*Not including a $4.02 online processing fee

Yes. We accept most credit cards and debit cards, and we handle all registrations through our secure online system.

  1. See the Schedule and choose the two dates that is convenient for you.
  2. Then Register through our secure online system by selecting “Register Now.”

Upon registering through our online system, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see a confirmation email, please email Parenting Safe Children or call 303-931-5782.

We must receive your payment to reserve your space in a workshop. Registration fees for Parenting Safe Children workshops are non-refundable, and login credentials for the online workshop are non-transferrable.

Parenting Safe Children is unable to credit or refund your registration fee for any reason; moreover, your registration fee cannot be transferred from one workshop date to another workshop date.

If you cannot attend the workshop for which you have registered, you are welcome, however, to ask a friend or colleague to take your place in the workshop for which you have registered. In the event that you cannot find a replacement, you forfeit your registration fee.

We offer 2-3 workshops per month during the school year. Check out our workshop schedule. If you do not see a workshop that is convenient for you, please send us an email so we can keep you updated on future workshop dates.

Workshops are for parents, caregivers (e.g., grandparents, other relatives, nannies), and professionals who have or work with children, from newborns to 14 years of age. But parents of older teens also attend and find great value.

I provide examples relevant to kids of all ages because it’s never too early or too late to teach your child body-safety skills in an age-appropriate, non-threatening manner.

Each workshop has a minimum of 45 people. If you are more comfortable with one-on-one interactions, you might consider a private Parenting Safe Children Mini-Talk.

Yes, you will receive a packet of information with numerous useful handouts, including: list of age-appropriate sexual behaviors; questionnaire for screening child care providers and play dates; guidelines for talking with children about body-safety; ‘What If’ scenarios for empowering children to handle potentially difficult situations; and local resources.

Yes, and you receive a 20% discount on the Off Limits Book or a bundle discount if you purchase both the book and Conversation-Starter Cards found here.

Once we are able to return to in-person gatherings, we present workshops in the Denver Metro area, and sometimes in other parts of Colorado (please contact Feather to discuss workshops and fees outside the Denver Metro area). During remote learning, you can register for a live virtual workshop or  consider registering for the pre-recorded online workshop.

No. The Parenting Safe Children workshop is five (5) hours. The length ensures that you leave with practical tools that you can put to immediate use. It’s a small investment of time to keep children safe from sexual assault.

If you are a youth professional, the Parenting Safe Children Professional Training Workshop will likely be a better fit.

For special requests, please email feather to discuss.

You are not alone. Given the prevalence of child sexual assault, there are often survivors participating in my workshops.

I work very hard to create a safe environment and encourage people to seek outside support as necessary. Please email me if you would like a referral.

Many survivors report that the workshop is healing and gives them confidence in protecting their own children. In any case, the information presented is priceless for your family.

The workshops are for adults — ages 18 and up.

Absolutely — partnership makes a stronger Prevention Team™!

We can give you a certificate of attendance for you to submit to your discipline.

Yes! And it’s just as fulfilling as hosting a live workshop. All you need is a screen, projector, and group of people — friends, colleagues, parents, or caregivers — ready to learn how to keep their kids safe from sexual abuse. Please email Feather if you’re interested. She’ll guide you through the process and discuss how to do so during Covid times. 

Thank you for enrolling in the course!

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  7. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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