Parenting Safe Children - Keeping Children Safe from Sexual Abuse, in your Community


Private Consultations

Workshops are great, but sometimes, situations call for something different. Maybe you want advice on how to handle a single tricky situation. Or perhaps you aren’t able to attend a workshop, prefer something more private, or have questions of an institutional nature — like if you have sound child sexual abuse prevention policies in place at your school or youth organization.

I understand. Which is why I also offer, through Parenting Safe Children, special consultations. Depending on your needs, you may book either a telephone consultation or live services for professionals.

Please choose one of the following telephone consultation options:

If you want advice on possibly difficult situations:  Body Safety Consultations

If you cannot attend a workshop or prefer a private meeting: Parenting Safe Children Mini-Talks

Please choose one of the following professional consultation options:

If you wish to create or improve your organization’s child sexual abuse prevention policies: Policy Audit

If you have questions about a particular situation, or behaviors between children and staff: Professional Phone Consultation