Parenting Safe Children - Keeping Children Safe from Sexual Abuse, in your Community

Consultations for Parents

Consultations for Parents

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Workshops are great, but sometimes, situations call for something different. Perhaps you just want advice on how to handle a single tricky situation.

We understand. Which is why we offer the following consultation services for parents who reside in Colorado.

Body Safety Consultations

Dear Parent,

Have you ever wondered if the sexual behavior your child is engaging in is age-appropriate or problematic?

In today’s world, is exposure to pornography and what to do about it on your mind?

Are you concerned that someone is behaving inappropriately with your child, but you’re not sure what to do?

Do you have questions on how to talk with your child about private parts?

If so, and you reside in Colorado, schedule a Body Safety Consultation with me.

Body Safety Consultations are not therapy sessions. They are a way for you to get my expert advice on situations involving body-safety and child sexual assault prevention.

Here are common scenarios I’ve talked with parents about:

  • You have this sinking feeling in your belly about your new babysitter. Your spouse says you should listen to your intuition, but you’re just not sure what to say or do… because the babysitter is your friend’s daughter.
  • Your five- and three-year-old sons play in the tub and the five-year-old likes to touch his little brother’s penis. It makes you feel uncomfortable. You wonder… is this normal?
  • You are a sexual assault survivor and are concerned that you’re being too overprotective regarding a situation with your daughter last week.
  • There is a child in your child’s preschool who is using sexually explicit language. How do you intervene with the child and the parents?
  • Recently, your daughter’s friend has been taking off his pants at your house and talking about private parts. You want to talk with his parents, but are not sure what to say.

Sound familiar? If so, please schedule a consultation today. I look forward to talking with you.

Feather Berkower, LCSW

PS-Body Safety Consultations cost $135/hour, with a one-hour minimum. Please email me, and I will email you back within 24 hours Monday through Friday with available times. Once we agree on a date, I require receipt of payment before the call. I can either send you a link through which to make a secure online payment, or you can send me a check.